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Freight Volume of Cargolux Zhengzhou Route Exceeds 50,000 Tons

Release date:2015.11.24   Source:




At 12:35 on November 23, the Boeing747-8F flied by Cargolux landed Zhengzhou airport again . This is the 438th landing of Cargolux aircrafts, which means that the freight of Cargolux in Zhengzhou airport exceeded 50000 tons and exceeded the annual target in advance. Meanwhile, Cargolux has achieved "four first" results: the cumulative number of major indicators of international freight, the number of international freight route, the number of flights, the international traffic points are ranked first in the Zhengzhou airport.


In the afternoon, HNCA and Cargolux jointly held a brief and warm ceremony at the Zhengzhou airport. Mr. Zhao Jiancai, the Vice Governor of Henan Province, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech, Mr.  Paul Steinmetz, the Luxembourg Ambassador to China, read the congratulatory letter from Mr. Francois Bausch, the minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure Industry of Luxembourg.


In January 2014, the agreement of HNCA acquiring 35% stake in Cargolux signed; In June, "Zhengzhou-Luxembourg" international freight route opened, Cargolux officially settled Zhengzhou airport with two flights per week. The "Air Silk Road" between China and Europe is opened, the "double hub" strategy of Zhengzhou and Luxembourg showed strong potential for development, and just five months later, the fright exceeded10,000 tons in last November, Cargolux become important new force of Zhengzhou Airport. One year later, from 2 flights per week to 2 flights every day, the fright already exceeded 50,000 tons in this November. The annual freight volume of Cargolux in 2015 is expected to reach 60,000 tons on the basis of its "four first" hard power.


Zhengzhou as the center of Europe, Asia and the United States, its international navigation points increased from the original three to the current nine, from the point to the line and area, the global-covered air cargo network backbone based on Zhengzhou Asia-Pacific hub and Luxembourg Europe hub has already been taking shape.


With the "double hub" strategy, in addition to opening up routes, establishing international freight network, completing the leap from 10,000 tons to 50,000 tons, the two sides launched the cooperation of three key projects: MRO, JV Cargo Airlines and LuxFresh.


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