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Luxembourg-Zhengzhou-Chicago International Cargo Route is Opened

Release date:2015.05.19   Source:






At 17:30 on 18thMay, the cargo aircraft named ‘Zhengzhou’ from Cargolux Airlines International S.A.(hereinafter referred to as Cargolux) was landing smoothly Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport (“Zhengzhou Airport”). However, this time the aircraft of ‘Zhengzhou’ is different from the past, which was flying between Zhengzhou and Luxembourg. After completing the cargo handling at the Zhengzhou airport, the aircraft of ‘Zhengzhou’ would fly to Chicago O'Hare Airport and began its trans-Pacific journey, which marked the "Luxembourg - Zhengzhou - Chicago" international freight route was successfully opened.


Experts are unanimously optimistic about the newly opened "Luxembourg - Zhengzhou - Chicago" route and generally considered the route went through three continents where Zhengzhou was in the center and played the unique role of "a dot links three continents," not only attracting more Chinese goods to Zhengzhou Airport, and then to transfer to Europe and America, but also becoming the necessary way to transport goods between Europe and America. The newly-opened route was bound to improve freight volume and the competitiveness of Zhengzhou airport greatly, and also it would lead the development of relevant aviation industries, help Henan province to become a new open platform to participate in the international division of working and build a new opening highland.


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