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Luxembourg-Zhengzhou International Air Cargo Route is opened

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Luxembourg-Zhengzhou International Air Cargo Route is opened

Prime Minster of Luxembourg Sent Congratulatory Letter


At 15:30 on June 27, a Boeing 747-8F being fully loaded of European goods landed at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport (“Zhengzhou Airport”). The aircraft named ‘Zhengzhou’ comes from Cargolux Airlines International (“Cargolux”) and is the most advanced giant cargo freighter worldwide at present. On the night, the aircraft would fly back directly to Findel Airport in Luxembourg with Chinese goods. The successful flight between Zhengzhou and Luxembourg marks that, the “dual-hub strategy” has entered into a substantial stage of operation, the air silk road across China and Europe is officially opened, Cargolux has become the first international cargo base airlines settled in Zhengzhou Airport, and Zhengzhou is approaching the goal of becoming an international freight hub.

The route opening ceremony held in Zhengzhou Airport was brief but warm. Zhao Jiancai, the Vice Governor of Henan Province said, Henan is advancing the construction of comprehensive transportation hub with all strength, the building of airport hub and development of aviation-related industry are well-developed. Luxembourg is located in the heart of Europe; Cargolux is the European largest cargo airline, enjoying a high reputation in international civil aviation industry. The opening of air cargo route between Zhengzhou and Luxembourg marks further development of “dual-hub strategy” has been achieved, and is significant for promoting the construction of Zhengzhou international air freight hub, opening the economic channel linking Henan to the world,  building the air silk road across China and Europe. The government of Henan province will endeavor to provide service support and create favorable conditions for the aviation freight strategy.

Mr. Paul Steinmetz, the Luxembourg’s Ambassador to China, read the congratulatory letter of Mr. Xavier Bettel who is the Prime Minster of Luxembourg. Mr. Xavier Bettel shows that the cooperation will be the model of mutually beneficial and friendly consociation between China and Luxembourg. HNCA’s acquiring of Cargolux’s shares confirms that China is an important driving force in the development of world economy. He deeply believes these two booming countries can benefit from the opening of freight routes and hopes two parties to join hands to make Zhengzhou as an international cargo platform.

That day, Mr. Paul Helminger, the Chairman of the board of Cargolux, took the plane of “Zhengzhou” to Zhengzhou and attended the ceremony with Mr. Zhang Mingchao, Mr. Liu Jianbao, Mr. Yue Guoyong, Mr. Zheng Liliang and Ms. Guo Yanhong, the executives of HNCA.

Mr. Zhao Jiancai had met Mr. Paul Steinmetz (the Luxembourg’s Ambassador to China) and his wife who attended the opening ceremony of freight route from Zhengzhou to Luxembourg.

After the ceremony, Mr. Zhao Jiancai and Mr. Paul Steinmetz went aboard to inspect, had a cordial talk with flight crews, and asked the situation in details of the flight. Mr. Zhao Jiancai walked to the containers to look over the goods with various labels, and fully affirmed the advanced experiences and unique advantage of quality control, high-value cargo transportation, carriage of dangerous goods and cold-chain transportation of Cargolux.

The new opened international freight routes from Zhengzhou to Luxembourg is performed by Boeing 747-8F which is the world’s most advanced all-cargo aircraft at present. The initial stage of operation has two flights a week and will increase the capacity later. In July, the number of flights reaches 4 every week and will reach 13 every week in next year. In the end of 2016, the freight volume of Cargolux plan to reach 200000 tons in Zhengzhou airport hub.

The introduction of international cargo airlines to inland provinces will certainly provide more convenient and efficient channel for the communication and cooperation of economy and trade between the two countries, and drive and enhance the communication and development of economy, culture and tourism in China, Luxembourg and even Eurasia.


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