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The Sixth China International Logistics Expo grandly opened in Shanghai. The Exhibition of HNCA was Popular.

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The Sixth China International Logistics Expo grandly opened in Shanghai

The Exhibition of HNCA was Popular


On June 17, the sixth China International Logistics, Transportation and Teleprocessing Expo was grandly opened in Shanghai. As one of the most high-quality and effective business platform in terms of international logistics industry, the Expo has attracted about 800 companies around the world and proximately 25,000 professionals. Henan, the only inland province participating in the Expo, is particularly striking.  Especially the exhibition of HNCA, with abundant content, bright style, and scientific layout of the seven industry sectors, was very popular and greatly attracted the attention of organizers, industry associations, domestic and foreign well-known enterprises.

After short and solemn opening ceremony, Ms. Birgitta Worringen, the Minister of Urban Development Construction, Transportation and Research Department in Germany, accompanied by many people, walked down from rostrum to the exhibition of HNCA to have a friendly talk with Mr. Zhang Mingchao, the Chairman of HNCA. Ms. Birgitta Worringen said she knew that HNCA had acquired 35% shares of Cargolux. This time, she specially led organizers to attend the exhibition when she heard that HNCA would take part in it. Ms. Birgitta Worringen believes the participation of HNCA reveals a positive signal of developing logistics industry by civil aviation enterprises in Chinese inland province, and she looks forward to seeing more in-depth trade and business cooperation between HNCA and Europe in the future.

Soon after, Ms. Li Jun, the Secretary-general of China Communications and Transportation Association combined transport branch visited the exhibition of HNCA. She said combined transport is the direction of the logistics industry development in the future. Lately, the General Secretary Xi Jinping made positive encouragement on the development of Zhengzhou-Europe International Block Train when he visited Henan Province. Through the exhibition of HNCA, she saw the efforts and new hopes in Henan’s aviation logistics.

Mr. Zhang Mingchao thanked for the attention of Ms. Birgitta Worringen and Ms. Li Jun. He introduced the general development situation of Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone, current industry development and future strategic planning of HNCA, as the main construction entity of the Zone, to them respectively. Mr. Zhang Mingchao said the cooperation between HNCA and Cargolux is going very smoothly, and both sides are working together to actively promote the substantial operation of China-Europe dual hub strategy to set up air freight silk road from China to Europe. This Expo provided a very precious opportunity for HNCA. He hopes that utilizing this beneficial platform can enhance communication with related fields home and abroad, strive to develop airport economy, further expand international trade and air cargo business and achieve multilateral win-win cooperation.


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