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Dirk Reich, CargoluxCEO, visited Henan Civil Aviation Development & Investment Co. Ltd

Release date:2014.04.06   Source:

April 3th,Mr. Dirk Reich, Cargolux CEO, visited Henan Civil Aviation Development and Investment Co.Ltd(HNCA), who was welcomed by Zhang Mingchao,chairmanof HNCA, Liu Jianbao, general manager, deputy chairman, and relevant personnel.They held a friendly talk on the project cooperation.

Firstly, Zhang Mingchao gave welcome to Mr.Dirk Reich and congratulations to his being selected as the new CEO of Cargolux. Zhang Mingchao gave a detailed introduction about the overall development of Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone and Air Cargo in Zhengzhou. He said it was a wise choice that Zhengzhou cooperated with Cargolux. He hoped to realize the "Zhengzhou - Luxembourg" dual-hub effect and create the "Air Silk Road" in the future.

Mr. Dirk Reich was very glad to visit Zhengzhou and thanked HNCA for long-term support. Mr.Dirk Reich said both high-level officials and the personnel in charge of operation from Luxembourg were all very supportive of cooperating projects and they hoped dual-hub strategycould bring the biggest benefit and good prospect.



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