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Zhao Jiancai metspecial envoy from Luxembourg and Zhang Mingchao attended the meeting

Release date:2014.03.25   Source:

March 17th, Zhao Jiancai, the vice-governor of Henan, met Mr. Tom Weisgerber, Luxembourg special envoy and Zhang Mingchao, chairmanof HNCA,attended the meeting.

After Mr. Tom ‘s report about the present operation of Cargolux and preparation for flight in Zhengzhou, Zhao Jiancai gave a detailed introduction about the overall development of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Comprehensive Experimental Zone and Air Cargo in Zhengzhou. Zhao Jiancai said, Zhengzhou airport reconstructionproject had been fully implemented with the aim to be fully put into operation by the end of 2015. Thismeans Zhengzhou will reach throughput of 35 million passengers and 3 million tons of cargo capacity. Zhao Jiancai hoped Cargolux set up offices at Zhengzhou Airport andopened routes of Zhengzhou – Luxembourg to realize the dual- hub strategic effect as soon as possible.




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