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HNCA Visited Shangjie District

Release date:2014.02.12   Source:

On February 10, 2014, Mr. Zhang Mingchao, the Chairman of HNCA, and Mr. Liu Jianbao, the vice Chairman of HNCA, visited Shangjie District and made an entensive tour of Shangjie Airport and surrounding area, accompanied by Mr. Fan Futai, the secretary of Shangjie District committee. The two parties held a friendly discussion on cooperation in general aviation industry.

Mr. Zhang Mingchao and the delegation listened to the introduction to Shangjie District and general aviation experimental zone carefully. Then they paid a visit to the relevant facilities of the airport and the key construction projects in the experimental zone.

At the meeting, Mr. Fan Futai expressed his welcome to Mr. Zhang Mingchao and the delegation. He said, as one of the bases that the general aviation industry of Henan Province mainly concentrate on in future, Shangjie District would plan the industrial layout of general aviation experimental zone in 2014, and promote the work of airport expansion and infrastructure improvement. Currently, both HNCA and Shangjie District were in an important period of development, with obvious complementary superiority in resources, capital, policy, talented personnel and other aspects. If the two parties joined hands in cooperation, they would enjoy a bright future.

Mr. Zhang Mingchao said, as a provincial investment and financing platform for aviation, HNCA had reorganized two airlines and conducted business smoothly since established. The rapid development momentum of general aviation experimental zone was impressive, which strengthened the confidence for cooperation. He suggested both sides to intensify cooperation, establish collaboration model, determine the project, elaborate work plans and engage all-dimensional cooperation.



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