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Okay Airways Visited HNCA

Release date:2014.02.17   Source:


On February 12, 2014, Mr. Han Jing, the senior assistant of president and the vice team leader of freight preparatory group of Okay Airways, and his delegation visited HNCA. Mr. Zhang Mingchao, the Chairman of HNCA, and Mr. Liu Jianbao, the vice Chairman of HNCA made a warm and further discussion on engaging all-dimensional cooperation over aviation economic project construction with the visitors. Mr. Liu Jianbao also accompanied Mr. Han Jing and his delegation to visit the Administration Committee of Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone and the second-phase airport construction site on February 13.

At the meeting, Mr. Zhang Mingchao extended season’s greetings to Mr. Han Jing and his delegation, and appreciated Okay Airways’ high work efficiency and sincerity for cooperation. He said, the collaboration between HNCA and Okay Airways was the reflection of implementing the spirit of actively developing mixed-ownership economy raised in the Third plenary Session of Eighteenth CPC Central Committee. After communicating with Mr. Liu Weining, the president of Okay Airways, both sides agreed that they would enjoy wide cooperation in air cargo, aircraft manufacturing, low-cost airline, pilot training, aircraft maintenance and dismantling and other fields. He hoped that, in accordance with the principle of staring with easy things first and pushing forward in good order, the two parties may give full play to their respective advantages, accelerate the project progress and strive to make substantial advances during the year. Meanwhile, Mr. Zhang Mingchao asked Mr. Han Jing to convey his greetings to Mr. Liu Weining, and invited him to visit Henan at his convenience.

Mr. Han Jing appreciated Mr. Zhang Minghcao’s greetings and invitation. He said, after ten years of ups and downs, Okay Airways had accumulated significant management experience and successful business models. Coinciding with the occasion of building Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone, the first national aviation industry experimental zone, Okay Airways expected to cooperate with HNCA to seek common development in spectacular fashion.

At the meeting, working group members of the two sides made discussion on each of the specific programs, and made clear the division of work and time node initially. Next, the two parties would keep efficient communication and exchanges, in the light of the regular consultation mechanism.

Okay Airways is the first private airline in mainland China. In January this year, Mr. Zhang Mingchao and the delegation paid a visit to Okay Airways. After a friendly and deep negotiation, the two parties established initial partnership, signed a memorandum of cooperation and built working groups. Okay Airways’ visit symbolizes the further bilateral cooperation at a new stage.


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