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HNCA and Shangjie District Discussed Development Plan of General Aviation Industry

Release date:2014.01.23   Source:

On January 21, 2014, Mr. Fan Futai, the secretary of Shangjie District committee, visited HNCA with his delegation. Mr. Zhang Mingchao, the Chairman of HNCA and Mr. Liu Jianbao, the vice Chairman of HNCA, held talks with the visitors.

Mr. Zhang Mingchao said, Shangjie District was one of the “bases” in the plan of “one center and two bases”, that the general aviation industry of Henan Province mainly concentrated on in the future, and obtained excellent general aviation industrial foundation and resources. Meantime, general aviation industry was one of HNCA’s key business segments, and there was a broad space for cooperation between the two parties.

Mr. Fan Futai said, Zhengzhou general aviation experimental zone was settled in Shangjie District, and the core area of the experimental zone was located on the northwest of the district, with an area of around 21.3 square kilometers. According to the plan, by the year of 2020, the general aviation experimental base would own 25 companies and a fleet of 150 aircrafts; it would also reach 150,000 flying hours per year and achieve an economic scale of more than 100 billion. Shangjie District would provide policy and land support, and welcome HNCA to participate in the construction of Zhengzhou general aviation experimental zone.

At the meeting, the two parties also agreed to set up a joint working group to make further studies on specific cooperation issues and carry out relevant work as soon as possible.

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