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Mr. Richard Daley and his delegation visit HNCA

Release date:2013.12.31   Source:

On December 20, 2013, just being engaged as senior economic adviser to Henan Provincial Government, Mr. Richard Daley, the former Mayor of Chicago and Managing Principal of Tur Partners LLC and his delegation paid a visit to HNCA and held talks with Mr. Zhang Mingchao, the Chairman of HNCA , and Mr. Liu Jianbao, the vice Chairman of HNCA.

Mr. Zhang Mingchao expressed warm welcome to Mr. Daley and his delegation on behalf of HNCA. He said, Chicago was one of the world's financial centers, and many headquarters of world-famous Global Fortune 500 companies, including Boeing, were located there. Tur Partners LLC has a vast network of social connections, huge market resources and a wealth of practical experience in leveraged buyout, investment & asset management and investment consulting. Mr. Daley has been actively promoting China-US cross-border direct investment, especially in efforts to carry out trade and investment cooperation with Henan. Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone is the first airport economic development pilot area in China, with a tremendous development potentiality. As one of the main entities in the experimental zone, HNCA is a new state-owned aviation-related investment and financing platform. With the strong support from the governments and party committees of Henan Province and Zhengzhou, HNCA has a breakthrough in its business. HNCA expects to cooperate with Tur Partners LLC in financial investment, general aviation, aviation logistics and other fields. Mr. Zhang Mingchao suggested that the two parties may build working groups for promoting the implementation of the economic and trade cooperation between both sides.

Mr. Richard Daley said he was very pleased to visit HNCA, and hoped that the two sides strengthen cooperation in the future. According to the situation of the specific programs, Tur Partners LLC will arrange the matters of the working groups, promoting the cooperation between the two sides. He also said that, the development tendency of Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone was very impressive and the two sides may make further discussion in depth on the relevant issues.



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